Welcome to the Caltech Student Club registration website!

All clubs must fill out an annual registration each year.

The annual registration process includes the following requirements:

  • Club Advisor Application
  • Annual Bursar's Registration Form
  • Budget Proposal
  • Constitution Guidelines

The Clubs and Organizations Steering Committee will meet on an as needed basis to review the club applications.


The current club term ends September 30 2021.

The regular deadline for submission of annual club applications (for clubs that do not rapid renew) is March 31, 2021. Any club forming after the deadline will have to submit its application for recognition for the following academic year.

Regular registrations ready to be reviewed are forwarded to the Clubs and Organizations Steering Committee the first Monday of the month. Please plan to submit your registration the week before in case any revisions need to be made.


  • The Advisor Registration must be submitted in order for an application to be considered "ready for review."
  • If the positions of President and Treasurer are held by the same person, the application will be denied. The Club Handbook specifically states that these positions may not be held by the same person for signatory purposes.